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Karen is taking care of you...

Enjoy low prices — Because we don't have as much charges as regular barbershops, we're able to provide really fair prices (see the «Price list» link for more details)


Stay at home —  You have to look after the kids ? You're baking a good meal and want to look good for the dinner you're planning, but can't stay for from the oven ? You're waiting for a delivery or a technician «between 8a.m. and 8p.m.» ? Don't worry ! Use that spare time to make yourself the prettiest.


Spare some time  —  You know that going to the barbershop can take easilly a whole afternoon ; you'll have to get into the traffic, to wait until a hairdresser is available, then back into the traffic jam, etc. By choosing the @home option, the only time you'll need will be the time needed to prepare your hair, not a single minute more. So you can even have a fresh haircut before to go to work, or even on your lunchtime.


Organize beauty parties  —  Why hairdressing should be a solitary pleasure ? Organize parties with your friends to take care of yourselves, together.


Enjoy a fully customized service  —  Need a hint of exotism ?Your imagination has no limits ? Our skills neither ! And @home hairdressing is not limited to your home. You run a business and would like to offer hairdressing services to your customer or employees ? HairYouAre can come to your company and offer its services straight in your building, for the whole day or onlu on lunchtime. You're the manager of a hospital, clinic or a home and need someone to take care of your patients' style ? HairYouAre is the company you need ! You run a barbershop and need an extra staff on rush time ? Call us and we'll send you the person you need.


Stay zen —  Our urban way of life stresses continuously our senses and so do barbershops. Are you tired of house music in the middle of the afternoon, of mixed conversations, of hair blowers and trimmers concertos ? Then, choose the mood by receiving your hairdresser in the comfort of your home.


Buy your favorite professional hair care products  — The low prices are even the rule for hair products. Buy your favorite hair care products (L'Oréale, Kerastase, Vitality, etc.) at a really competitive price.








Business services




Hairdessing in hospitals,

clinics, homes and other

low mobility facilities








Beauty party

(with the services of a specialist in

nail and eyebrows services)




Family deal

(-10% off for a minimum of 4 customers)




Professional products sale





(courses for brushing, chignon, etc.

Learn how to place your hair

once the hairdresser is gone)